Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?

…Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?… Or, asked differently: Why are we destroying the most efficient, reliable and least costly system ever devised for generating and distributing electricity? Here are some facts: Electricity generated by wind and solar is more Continue reading Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?

Understanding Storage of Electricity, Quantities and Costs

…Understanding Storage of Electricity, Quantities and Costs… The ability to store electricity is critical to any proposal that relies on wind and solar to supply a major proportion of the nation’s electricity. Like so many details about renewables, most people Continue reading Understanding Storage of Electricity, Quantities and Costs

Dreaming About Storage

..Dreaming About Storage… The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) determined that adding too much wind and solar on their grid would create problems. They described the problem by using a graphic representation that has become known as the DUCK curve. Continue reading Dreaming About Storage

Grid Storage Reality

The only potential solution for the problems caused by wind and solar generated electricity is storage. But are there limits to storage? Is it possible to provide sufficient storage to allow the closing of a large number of fossil fuel Continue reading Grid Storage Reality

Subsidies for Making Ice

Unsatisfied with the billions of dollars spent on wind and solar subsidies, the environmental movement now wants subsidies for products that store energy. Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association, said: “It would be a good economic investment Continue reading Subsidies for Making Ice